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Fuel Quality Sensor was launched in the fall of 2009 and constantly monitor quality of diesel fuel used for trucks, construction machinery, generator, etc. and presence and ratio of bio-diesel.
We have received a lot of inquiries from the field of environment protection and energy-saving in recent years.


Since detection method is thermal, it is not affected by the tincture of the fuel oil.
By measuring “heat transfer rate” and “kinematic viscosity” of the medium simultaneously, it achieves vigilance on the possibility of kerosene adulteration into diesel oil as well as bio-fuel content.
Our product hold a long-term stable performance by using thin-film element that heater and platinum temperature sensor are made into one chip.


1. Detection of kerosene level in the diesel oil
2. Prevention of the use of poor quality oil
*Constant monitoring whether diesel oil in a fuel tank has intentional kerosene adulteration.
3. Detection of biodiesel fuel oil(mixed rate)
*Constant monitoring of presence or absence and ratio of biodiesel which has adversary affect and shorten the life of device if used at high rate.
4. Kerosene mixture detection
5. Water filling detection
*Detect if a certain amount of water(ex. rainwater) get mixed in a fuel tank
6. CAN Communication(output every one second)

G3F model

2014 launch. This product can be installed by directly screwed onto a tank. Comparing to the previous generation model, significant miniaturization and light-weight were achieved.


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