Sense the Quality, Sense the Future

CEO’s Message

Global environment issues such as serious air pollution by airborne particles and frequent abnormal weather of a size that usually occur only once in several decades are threatening to life of human race and becoming challenges to overcome for living on Earth.

We at SUN-A have developed sensor technology based on thin film devices and electronic circuit technology over many years. The sensor is characterized as measuring the internal quality by capturing the slight difference of thermal properties of the material using thin film devices with high sensitivity.
With this technology, we have mainly developed environment-friendly products such as a sensor monitoring operation of exhaust gas system for automobile and a sensor contributing improvement of combustion control by measuring fuel degradation or the usage level of bio-diesel fuel. These products have been adopted in Japan, European countries and the United States.
We, SUN-A would like to continue applying this “microscopic heat measurement technology” to energy-saving purpose for industry and household instruments.

We appreciate your patronage till now, and with all employees, we promise our best effort to deliver products that contribute to improvement of global environment.

Osamu Yoshizumi
President & CEO

Business Policy

We aim to contribute to improvement of the global environment with our intelligent sensor technology

Company Profile

Company Name SUN-A Corporation
Representative Osamu Yoshizumi
Foundation April, 1969
Paid-in Capital 310 million yen(as of April, 2015)
Employees 102 people(as of April, 2015)
Headquarters 870-38, Minami Hatajiki-cho,
Miyoshi, Hiroshima, 728-0017, Japan
Principle Business Development, manufacture, and sale of Urea Quality Sensor for SCR system, Fuel Quality Sensor, and other sensor application
Shareholder Kuriyama Corporation(Kuriyama Holdings Corporation 100%)