Sense the Quality, Sense the Future

ISO9001 – Quality Management Standard


SUN-A has acquired international quality management standard “ISO9001:2015″ to enhance activities to improve the quality. We consider our mission is to contribute to local community by putting efforts in the production of semiconductor application product and mobilizing the company to collective effort for the promotion of high-quality management system, eventually leading our business development to meet our user’s need.

  • February, 1996: achieved ISO9002
  • March, 2002: moved onto ISO9001:2000
  • September, 2009: moved onto ISO9001:2008
  • February, 2015: moved onto ISO9001:2015

Subject Office: Head Office/Miyoshi Center/Tokyo Office

IATF16949 – Quality Management Standard for Automobile Industry


SUN-A has acquired certification to the quality management standard for automobile industry “IATF16949″ to sincerely respond to our client’s demands. We consider our mission is to produce reliable and high-quality products and satisfy the exacting requirements of its automotive customers under our quality management system based on ISO9001 and IATF16949.

  • December, 2015: achieved ISO/TS16949:2009
  • January, 2018: moved onto IATF16949:2016

Production Plant: Miyoshi Center
Supporting Office: Head Office/Tokyo Office

ISO14001 – Environmental Management Standard

SUN-A has acquired international environmental management standard “ISO14001:2004″ for the sake of environmental conservation. We consider our mission is to fulfill our social responsibility for environmental protection, and “harmony of the preservation of the global environment to hand over to the next generation with corporate activities and realization of sustainable development based on environmentally friendly”

  • April, 2003: achieved ISO14001:1996
  • January, 2006: moved onto ISO14001:2004

Subject Office: Head Office/Miyoshi Factory/Miyoshi Center