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SUN-A Corporation (hereinafter called “SUN-A”) recognizes that it is an important responsibility to protect Personal Information to have smooth business operation. Based on this recognition SUN-A has established following policies regarding the handling of Personal Information and will continuously endeavor to perform the responsibility.

Our Policy

SUN-A will comply with the applicable laws and regulations in handling Personal Information such as business customers, suppliers, vendors, employees that can identify a specific individual, and will endeavor to handle it appropriately based on the following policies.

1. Use within specific purpose(s)

SUN-A will use Personal Information only within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose(s) of use which has been specified in advance

2. Providing to third parties

Without the consent of the individual, SUN-A will not provide Personal Information to any third party, except for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations. In the case where SUN-A provides Personal Information with subcontractor(s), SUN-A will conclude necessary contract with the subcontractor(s) and take necessary measures that are required by laws or regulations.

3. Security control of personal information

SUN-A will take appropriate security control for Personal Information and will implement corrective actions such as needed to protect entrusted Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, modification, leakage, etc. Also SUN-A will keep the employees of SUN-A learnt on appropriate handling of Personal Information.

4. Inquiry of personal information

SUN-A will answer request(s) from the individual such as to disclose, correct, stop or delete Personal Information after confirming their identity.

5. Compliance

SUN-A will comply with laws or regulations applied for Personal Information and continuously endeavor to improve internal compliance systems.